Be an Expert Sponsor

Kathryn’s Expert Programs are a comprehensive approach to marketing combining today’s multimedia alternatives that target consumers on an intimate level. Expert Program Packages include advertising and marketing along with making you our exclusive personal “expert” with interviews on her radio talk show programs, personal appearances on Kathryn’s Syndicated TV and Internet TV shows Worldwide, website promotions and links, monthly newsletter promotions, Social Media, and YouTube video posting for both radio and TV. Our multimedia packages offer a superior marketing value for your business. We help brand your services and help to promote your products as a product spokesperson to help you accomplish your goals in a timely manner. We are offering you a customized package which will allow to also become a regular guest on our Let’s Just Talk Syndicated Radio Broadcasts or Kathryn’s Syndicated TV Shows: Kathryn Raaker’s World TV, and The Chef, You and I and our specials.

In addition to a Media Package you get these extra benefits of sponsorship:

  • Customized program packages and pricing to fit your needs
  • You become the exclusive expert in your category
  • Radio interviews and ads are provided to you on either a CD or Mp3’s for your future use
  • In your package, you receive Mp3’s and copies of your own video spot, and photos for use on our websites or your site
  • Your presence with a bio, photo and logo* link to your website on the radio and TV websites.
  • Participation in our monthly Editorials and Blogs.

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