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Hassell Family

Hassell Cattle Company

Hassell Cattle Company stands as a beacon of tradition and excellence in the heart of East Texas, spanning three generations of dedicated ranching expertise. Nestled in this rich heritage is the birthplace of Real American Wagyu, renowned for its unparalleled quality and flavor. Our commitment to purity and premium standards is unwavering – each member of our herd is raised without hormones or antibiotics, ensuring the utmost in natural integrity.

At the core of our operation lies the meticulous breeding process, where registered Wagyu bulls are carefully paired with Angus cows. This union gives rise to a distinct F1 cross cattle, yielding a prime beef of exceptional caliber that competes with the best globally. Our passion for perfection echoes through every cut, delivering a dining experience that transcends expectations.

For those seeking the epitome of Wagyu excellence, look no further than Hassell Cattle Company. Visit the website to indulge in the finest Wagyu selections, crafted with unparalleled care and expertise. Sign up for our newsletter and receive an exclusive 10% discount, embarking on a journey of flavor and heritage unlike any other.