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Dig Deep with Kathryn Raaker!

Welcome to Kathryn Raaker’s World, where innovation meets inspiration, and connections flourish. As the Founder and CEO of Tri-State Connection, LLC, a Global Multimedia and PR Company, Kathryn Raaker has been a trailblazer in the media industry for over three decades.

With a career spanning syndicated TV and radio hosting, entrepreneurial ventures, and philanthropic endeavors, Kathryn has left an indelible mark on various sectors. Her impact resonates globally, from creating relocation guides for both domestic and overseas locations to founding The PRO Referral Organization.

Kathryn’s dedication to community welfare is evident through her roles in senior care management and nonprofit leadership, where she spearheaded fundraising efforts and championed causes for abused children and animals.

A seasoned traveler who has lived on four continents, Kathryn’s adventures have fueled her syndicated radio and TV shows, where she invites audiences to join her on journeys across the globe. Her portfolio extends beyond broadcasting to encompass movie and TV production, event management, and content creation on national and international levels.

In the realm of advertising and marketing, Kathryn’s expertise shines through her collaborations with newspapers, magazines, and global publications. As a published author and prolific media personality, she continues to captivate audiences with her syndicated radio and TV programs, which attract millions of listeners and viewers worldwide.

Kathryn’s flagship shows, “The Chef, You and I” and “Let’s Just Talk,” offer engaging platforms for exploring culinary innovation and discussing various topics, from politics to health and beyond. With a dynamic presence on radio, television, and digital platforms, Kathryn’s reach knows no bounds.

Audiences can tune in to Kathryn’s syndicated radio and television shows on various networks and stations globally, including Wilkins Radio Network, Dan Perkins Media Radio & TV Network, and Fairfax Radio, among others. Her TV programs, “Kathryn Raaker’s World” and “The Chef You and I,” are broadcast on multiple platforms, including V-Cat, Comcast YouTube, Roku, Hulu, and her own websites and LinkedIn.

Beyond her media endeavors, Kathryn’s commitment to fostering connections extends to supporting individuals and businesses. Whether through product placement, distribution assistance, or networking initiatives, Kathryn catalyzes growth and success.

In Kathryn Raaker’s World, every encounter is an opportunity for meaningful connections, transformative experiences, and boundless possibilities. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, inspiration, and collaboration.

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Syndicated TV and Radio Host, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Travel and Restaurant Critic, Producer and Actor.