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Dig Deep with Kathryn Raaker!

Kathryn Raaker, is the Founder and CEO of Tri-State Connection, LLC, a Global Multimedia and PR Company. Ms. Raaker has been a Syndicated TV and Radio Host for over 31 years. Created Relocation Guides for the US and overseas locations and Overseas locations. Has been an Entrepreneur and Founder of The PRO Referral Organization Globally. Kathryn during the 90’s was Administrator for Assisted living facilities and worked in the Senior Care Center area for years she managed the Non-Profit which included 4 homes, and managed 30 staff. Helped to raise 250,000 for licensure of the facilities. She worked in Non-Profits as s Development Director and PR Director for Abused Children. And also worked for the Warren County Humane Society as Event Planner and Major Fund Raiser.

She has lived on four continents and has been a World Traveler for many years. In the past 10 years she has been a Travel Agent through her Syndicated Radio and TV shows and takes her TV and radio audience on her travels around the globe. Her experience has expanded to include producing and performing in movies and TV both in the US and abroad. Kathryn has developed children’s and adult TV Productions, produced Major Events in Singapore, Turkey, England and Spain, and all over the United States. Next she expanded into Radio, and TV through working for companies and clients for many years.

Kathryn has worked for over 31 years in Advertising and Marketing in Newspapers, Magazines, and has appeared in numerous Publications globally as well as a Published Author with her second Novel coming out in late Summer.  She is a Syndicated Radio and TV host on Christian and AM & FM and Internet and regular stations across the Globe.

Kathryn Raaker has been a syndicated host of multiple television shows and radio programs, has completed thousands of media tours over the years. As the director and producer of her own programs, Kathryn interviews inventors, authors, politicians, inventors and product developers, which allows her to introduce her audience to new ideas, inspirational inventions and innovative people. Her expertise in product placement, product launches and product line exposures have gained her a stellar reputation in the industry.

The Chef, You and I show focuses on preparing healthier meals. Taking traditional recipes filled with fats and calories and making them healthier is the mission of the show. Top chefs, as well as just plain good cooks offer favorite recipes with incredible cooking trends and secrets.

Her Syndicated Radio Let’s Just Talk, is a magazine format talk show; Kathryn interviews guests on topics relevant to her audience. This can range from politics to health to family values or new books! The topics are unlimited and the conversation is fast paced and always entertaining.

With over 100 million listeners and or viewers, audiences can find Kathryn’s syndicated radio and television shows on the Internet, cable, and network TV. You will find her programming, On Spectrum ATT, Comcast on Youtube.  Kathryn Raaker’s World and the Chef You and I are featured on on four channels and are featured on 24 hour live in over 100’s of countries.

She can be viewed or heard every day some place around the world. Kathryn’s personally allows her to make lasting connections with people in all walks of life thus affording her a large and diverse fan base.

Kathryn regularly attends trade shows, samples new products and goes behind the scenes to learn about the producers and the product.

Kathryn invests in people. She spends time getting to know their journey. But introducing new products doesn’t just stop at the interview. With her vast network of retail and wholesale connections, many times Kathryn can aid in the placement and distribution of everything from food items to kitchen utensils and from books to fashion. Kathryn Raaker is a connector.

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Chef Kathryn

Syndicated TV and Radio Host, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Travel and Restaurant Critic, E-book Reader, Producer and Actor.