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Welcome to the fascinating and entertaining world of Kathryn Raaker!

For more than 31 years Kathryn has been entertaining radio listeners, TV audiences and live audiences with her wit and humor, as well as her practical view of life in general. From call-ins on radio, to emotional, funny, educational and political interviews, she has kept her fans coming back for more. (7)

Who in the world is Kathryn Raaker?

Kathryn Raaker, syndicated TV and radio host, entrepreneur, product spokesperson and marketer, has been a driving force in the industry for many years. She has traveled the world, lived in several countries and made her mark among people in all walks of life. Through her dynamic network, she has had the opportunity to work with politicians, chefs, business leaders, authors, doctors, medical pioneers, pain management professionals, lawyers and many others. Her claim to fame has been her consistent work in both TV and radio and her entertaining and educating programming.

Kathryn’s heart is for the non-profits and she has worked tirelessly to help others achieve their goals. Her love of people and their stories has endeared her to the hearts of her viewers and listeners. Her passion and enthusiasm for the products she represents has been a game changer to multiple companies in their launch of new products or as they expand and grow their existing business. Her syndicated radio and television program Let’s Just Talk, is a magazine format talk show; Kathryn interviews guests on topics relevant to her audience. This can range from politics to health to family values or new books! The topics are unlimited and the conversation is fast paced and always entertaining.

Her new Kathryn Raaker’s World TV show takes her viewers on the road, visiting interesting people and exotic places. A 30-minute fast-paced show, it is available on a wide variety of digital formats: from AppleTV to cable to the internet. The show takes viewers behind the scenes to fascinating places, businesses and organizations to meet the innovators, entrepreneurs and philanthropists of today. 

And, Kathryn pursues other passions that she shares with her audience, among them cooking. Her Chef, You and I show focuses on preparing healthier meals. Taking traditional recipes filled with fats and calories and making them healthier is her forte. Top chefs, as well as just plain good cooks offer favorite recipes, and share cooking trends and secrets.

Visit the following links to view Kathryn’s work:

Viet Nam Vet, shows the new  i-Bot he received, he lost both legs in combat.
The Chef You and I with  show for kids!   Kathryn Raaker enjoyed preparing Halloween kid friendly recipes with Carter, a new little Chef, and his Mom Sheri. Together they created a Fun show for kids! 
Kathryn Raaker interviews Professional Golfer Jason Day and DR. Rohs regarding lung cancer, and Jason’s mother having lung cancer and how they were able to cope with the situation.